About Us

TEAM Ecube

Nepali Movie Screener and Event Hoster

We are on our way to becoming the best movie screening platform in Japan. In addition to promoting Nepali movie entertainment in Australia, we also organize various events.

Why Ecube ?

Ecube, also known as Everest Events Entertainment, is a media and entertainment company that is dedicated to bringing the best movies and entertainment from Nepal to Australia. They specialize in screening Nepali movies and hosting major entertainment events in the country. Their goal is to provide the ultimate film-going experience by consistently performing at their highest potential and making informed decisions through experience and good judgment.


Enjoy the latest released Nepali movies screening by UNA ENTERTAINMENT in different theatre at Japan. 


Meet Nepali celebrities by attending the events organized by UNA ENTERTAINMENT...

Meet our team

UNA ENTERTAINMENT is successful because of our awesome team and the core values we live every day. Our team is the cream of UNA, which is renowned for its best team spirit and unity.

Director, CEO
Rabi Gole
Event Director/ Finance
Marketing Co- Ordinator
Operating Officer
Dip Rai
Event and Volunter Team Manager

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish our brand to stand out and become a leading media and entertainment company from the growing industry.

Our goal is to keep ourselves abreast of viewers passion for different types of movie genres and bring communities together through arts & entertainment.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide exceptional experiences to our customers and viewers through innovation and creativity while striving for continuous improvement and excellence. Our focus is on promoting Nepali culture through cinema and events, bringing Nepali movies and artists to Australia and other countries.